Who Am I?

I am PASSIONATE about natural hair!  I transitioned my chemically relaxed hair back to my natural hair 15 years ago and never looked back!  I kept a video diary documenting my journey, and that served as a catalyst for my love of helping others with their journey. I knew I found my calling after literally helping strangers who would often approach me and ask in angst and sometimes sadness, “What are you using in your hair?  What products are you using?  What should I use in my daughter’s hair? How do you determine what products to purchase?” I found it so rewarding to be able to help them, so now let me help you!

Must be at least 18 to book.

My Purpose

Have you ever felt lost or defeated while trying to maintain your adopted child’s hair?  Have you become exasperated, saddened (along with your child), or been reduced to tears after trying so hard? Do you feel you are doing more harm than good? Do you have analysis paralysis from information overload from the internet, social media, etc.?  Well, don’t be disheartened.  You are not alone! I felt the same way when I transitioned back to natural.

Many products weren’t right for my hair because some of them dried my hair or damaged it.  I just couldn’t maintain my hair to my satisfaction and couldn’t figure out which products worked best.  I just wanted consistency, along with healthy hair, but I had no tried-and-true guidance, so I truly understand how you feel because I’ve been where you are.

Let’s bridge the gap. Natural hair has special needs, and I’m here to meet you where you are and help guide you through your journey. Today, with your Mane Maintenance Mentorship, I will educate you about the basics of maintaining Natural Hair by providing foundational elements to gain ease and confidence in your efforts. You can do it! YOU CAN!

Must be at least 18 to book.

My Core Values

Embrace. Empower. Evolve. Excel.

Be ready to Embrace the process because you are going to be Empowered in your efforts, you will Evolve your mindset, and you will Excel in your ability to maintain your children’s hair!

Whether you are an adoptive or foster parent, you are in the right place.

Must be at least 18 to book.